Cyber Angel JAY Jay Khendar VIVERO

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As NYFW approaches Fashion Designer and Recording Artist VIVERO aka. Jay Khendar sits down with Elliott Knight to discuss his journey into melding his vision of a solo music career with his upcoming fashion collection featuring at September NYFW – pandemic permitting. 

His fashion house “Haus of Khendar” represents that staunch rebellion, not only through his designs and futuristic sense of allure but a strong tie to finding your identity through creative expression.

He’s styled and worked with some of the most eclectic female rappers in the game but also compliments his genius with other women of softer fascinations such as Kelly Rowland.

Generally speaking, Haus of Khendar evokes mysticism, but like it’s year 3001 at the new reimagined Palace along Central Park.

 It’s grunge but still elevated. Seductive, yet sophisticated and ahead of the times.

Today, his creative hunger is onto new sights, placing an emphasis on music, whatever he seals his mind to, his stamp of intrinsic rebellion that effortlessly emanates within him will prosper each and every time.



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