"haus of khendarlaunched in 2016 by Jay Khendar , is a new york city based multi-media art company. Initially started as a fashion design brand inspired by the obsession with time travel, iconography , and technological aesthetics , it's become the host brand for our clothing line "khendar" .

 Jay Khendar specialized and studied in multiple mediums including design , fine arts painting , and theatre production. Shortly after leaving school, they continued gaining notoriety working as a high profile stylist and consultant to an array of notable celebrity clients and major brands.

This led to a few world tours and several residences , most recently was an international fashion tour Tokyo, Japan. Most known for functioning in high pressure situations , Jay Khendar has become a director of his element, ready to take on new challenges. 

we thank everyone for their continued support.

want to work together/interested in modeling?

send me an email with your work/pictures : info@hausofkhendar.com